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Sariah Harvey Photography

A Passion for Pictures

Hi! So great to have you here! My name is Sariah Harvey and I am the owner and lead photographer for Sariah Harvey Photography. I specialize in capturing life's precious moments through my lens, including weddings, maternity and newborn sessions, family portraits, headshots and more. I joke and say that if it involves a human or animal, I can photograph it.

I started my photography journey in 2015 after the birth of my daughter. I was inspired by the beauty and joy of that moment and wanted to find a way to share that magic with others. 

During my growth, I learned how my camera worked, different things to look for when shooting, and understanding all that editing software could do. While I was hesitant to transition from "hobbyist" to "professional", I remember a specific prayer I prayed. "God, I give this over to you. Open the doors that need to be opened and close the ones that need to be closed. I give this adventure to You. Do with it whatever is your will." After that prayer, my business flourished and became what it is today.

Over the years, I have perfected my art by investing in the latest equipment, practicing my craft, and constantly learning from other photographers. But what sets me apart is my ability to connect with my clients and put them at ease so their true personalities shine through in the images. I aspire to truly become friends with my clients.

My goal for each client is to provide images that will bring them joy for years to come. I love what I do and I look forward to you giving me the opportunity to capture and preserve your memories through photography.

I currently live in Scottsdale, Az. with my girls, Brooklyn & Madalyn and Great Dane, Carmen. 

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