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Do you prefer to shoot inside or outside?
It truly depends on the type of session. I only shoot newborns indoors for their safety. However, for most portrait sessions, I love shooting outside in scenery that best fits my client(s).
What would you recommend I wear?
I always suggest my clients wear clothes that they are comfortable and confident in. We all know styles and colors that compliment us best, that show our true personality. Those are the clothes I always recommend my clients wear.
How should I prepare for my session?
Most importantly, have a good attitude! Allow yourself plenty of time for prep, traffic, coffee, etc. as to not put added stress and pressure the day of.
How do you handle kids?
I go into every session with kids with the mindset of “they run the show”. Children can show their personality or hide it, you just never know what you’ll get. The most important thing is that if you show them you’re stressed, it will go downhill FAST! If you keep a positive attitude and understanding, the session will go as smoothly as possible. And if you, the parent, gets stressed, it’s perfectly acceptable to walk away. Kids tend to listen and follow directions better when their parent isn’t standing right there. Of course, treats and snacks always help.
How will I get my images?
After the session, I will create an online “proofs” gallery for you to make your selection for the desired images you would like me to edit. Once I get the selected images edited, I will create a new final online gallery and email the link.
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